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PO Box 39754
Los Angeles, CA 90039


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Welcome Returning Members: Caravella Properties, Vince's Market, Jill's Paint and Why Knot?

Luis Lopez

Shop Atwater Village First

Caravella Properties
Atwater Commercial & Residential Rentals
Joseph & Sandra Caravella, Owners

Vince’s Market
Neighborhood Market
George Magallon, Owner
3250 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Tel: 323.664.4798

Jill's Paint
Home Decor
Peggy McCloud, Owner
3534 Larga Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Tel: 323.664.9067

Why Knot?
Massage, reiki, ear coning, foot reflexology, therapeutic facials, hot stone massage.
Linda Ferrero, Owner
3371 Glendale Blvd, #206
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Tel: 323.377.7177


Luis Lopez

The L.A. City Council has commissioned a study (Council File: 14-1371-S2) on minimum wage policies to inform the Council’s deliberation on an ordinance. Clicking the following link can download the study (PDF file):

In September 2014 Mayor Eric Garcetti called for the creation of a city ordinance to raise the minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles. He proposed raising the minimum wage to $13.25 per hour by 2017. The proposal also seeks the immediate increase of the minimum wage to $10.25 in 2015 and another increase to $11.75 for 2016.  In addition, some City Council Members are also seeking a minimum wage increase to $15.25 for 2019.

Any minimum wage ordinance will only apply to employers (large and small) operating within the Los Angeles city limits. Employers operating in other local municipalities, such as the City of Glendale, would not be affected by the ordinance and could continue to use the State's minimum wage; currently at $9.00 per hour.