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Bow Tie Yard Lofts Project - Blog

Facts about the "Bow Tie Yard Lofts" Project

Luis Lopez

New York-based real estate developer, Pan Am Equities, is seeking to force a massive "high-end" residential/mixed-use development in South Atwater Village. 

Here are the facts: 

Project Name
“Bow Tie Yard Lofts” 
This development is NOT in any way affiliated with Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce, Bow Tie Park or California State Parks. 

750 W. Casitas Ave, Los Angeles CA 90039

Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles

Project Description
Three mixed-use (residential/commercial) buildings; two 5-story buildings and one 6-story building. 

419 residential apartments

Low-Income Apartments
35 apartments, only 8% of total units

Maximum Height
87 feet

Mixed-Use, Multi-Family, Commercial
Residential area: 413,172 sqft
Office area: 19,000 sqft
Resturant: 3,000 sqft
Urban rooftop farm: 42,000 sqft
Building amenity space: 10,700 sqft
Open space planting: 15,486 sqft
Total trees planted: 140 trees

Multi-level parking structure, 720-car capacity
Residential:  548 parking spaces
Commercial: 172 parking spaces

Existing Land Use: Manufacturing, currently occupied with two "living wage" job producing manufacturing businesses.

The 5.7-acre site is at the terminus of Casitas Ave in South Atwater Village. The Los Angeles River is adjacent to the site’s southern boundary line, and the Glendale Freeway to the north-west. There is only one entrance/exit to the location, on Casitas Ave under the Glendale Freeway.

Dubbed the “Bow Tie Yard Lofts” the project consists of five buildings with a total of 419 multi-family residential units (approximately 423,872 square feet) and about 64,000 square feet of commercial space. The existing zoning and use of the site include a light manufacturing/ warehouse/film production building and its associated surface parking. The project would demolish the industrial buildings and eliminate all existing manufacturing jobs at the site.

The proposed residential units would include a combination of 119 studios, 220 one-bedroom, and 80 two-bedroom units in four buildings ranging from five to six stories (60 to 81 feet tall). Only 35 units would be reserved as “affordable.” Commercial uses on-site may include a mix of restaurant uses, and office space and seven-story (85 feet tall) parking garage on the northwest end of the property would provide 720 on-site parking spaces. Open space areas and recreational amenities would be limited to just 58,176 square feet.

The developer is also seeking substantial exemptions from the City’s land use laws. Pan Am Equities has already requested a General Plan Amendment to the Northeast Los Angeles Community Plan to change the land use designation of the property to allow for residential units.  They are also seeking a Conditional Use Permit to allow a density bonus (108 more units) higher than what is allowed by law.

The Environmental Impact Review (EIR) for this project is due out in 2018. 

Click here to download Initial Study Findings (2017), large PDF file

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If you would like to contact us about this project please call (323) 379-2413 and leave a voice message (we'll return your call) or email us at

This development is NOT in any way affiliated with Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce, Bow Tie Park or California State Parks.