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Luis Lopez

Email City Hall today to voice once more your support for “Exhibit 1” (see below for email addresses and sample text)

The Los Angeles City Council will vote this coming Tuesday (June 9th) to either support or deny a motion to move forward with an all-inclusive design option for the Hyperion Bridge, as part of the bridge’s restoration project. This design, referred to as “Exhibit 1”, will preserve 4 narrowed traffic lanes, 2 wide bicycle lanes, and a wider ADA compliant sidewalk. Click here for City Council agenda, see agenda item 7

This restoration project has been in the works for 13 long years. “Exhibit 1” is the choice supported by the Bureau of Engineers, Board of Public Works, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and Tom LaBonge, the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council, the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce, the Atwater Village Residents Association, Friends of Atwater Village, the Los Feliz Improvement Association, and hundreds of residents and businesses throughout Atwater Village, Los Feliz and Silverlake.

“Exhibit 1” is the most equitable choice for all modes of transportation. We’ll be gaining an ADA compliant sidewalk crossing the entire bridge, two elevated bike lanes (5’ bike lane up the bridge along with a 6’ bike lane down the bridge), a dedicated pedestrian/bicycle bridge over the L.A. River, a realigned northbound Interstate 5 exit at Glendale Blvd (with a signal that allows freeway commuters to directly access Silver Lake and Los Feliz instead of using the turnaround at the Glenfeliz/Glenhurst intersection), traffic calming measures with the narrowing of the car lanes, and many other improvements.

Moreover, the Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct is a important part of the local vehicular infrastructure. During a 12 HOUR study done on the use of the bridge there were approximately 102 pedestrians, 84 bicyclists and 18,000 vehicles. Should we lose a traffic lane on Hyperion’s main bridge, which the other design options promote, it would overburden Hyperion and Rowena Avenues and Glendale Blvd with traffic congestion. This would tax our emergency first responders and cause excessive traffic delays for local drivers and far-flung commuters.

Let your voice be heard AGAIN by emailing our elected officials at City Hall before 10:00am on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. See email addresses and sample text below.

Click here to send emails with sample text below OR cut-n-paste email addresses and sample text below (feel free to write your own letter):

Email Addresses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample Text (feel free to write your own letter)

RE: Council File: 05-0173, I support “Exhibit 1” for the Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct restoration project

Dear Councilmember,

As a stakeholder in the Atwater Village and Silver Lake area I support “Exhibit 1” (Council File: 05-0173); which is the most equitable choice for all modes of transportation. It will preserve 4 narrowed traffic lanes and install traffic calming measures, 2 wide bicycle lanes, a wider ADA compliant sidewalk and many other improvements.

This restoration project has been in the works for 13 long years.  Enough is enough, I urge you to vote in support of “Exhibit 1”.

Thank you,