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This page is dedicated to providing information about the City’s ongoing efforts to implement pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements and vehicular traffic lane reduction to Atwater's section of Fletcher Drive.


Luis Lopez

Flush with new funding L.A.’s Department of Transportation (LADOT) is still eyeing Fletcher Drive, between San Fernando Road and Riverside Drive, for pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements via it’s “Vision Zero” program. As part of it’s “Phase 1 Implementation” LADOT seeks to increase safety along Fletcher Drive with such low-cost measures like roadway re-striping, lane tightening or lane reductions, painted intersection tightening and the addition of buffered bike lanes; all collectively known as a road diet.

Back in 2017 LADOT attempted to force a road diet on Fletcher Drive despite widespread community opposition. LADOT’s 2017 road diet plans were drafted without any community input and failed to take into account that Fletcher Drive is major vehicular artery for local drivers and far-flung commuters and a vital access route to geographically isolated residential areas. (Click here for more information on LADOT's 2017 plans).

This time around LADOT has promised a “robust” community engagement strategy for 2019 so that all members of the community are aware of a project’s safety benefits and tradeoffs. Despite this promise LADOT has not engaged Atwater Village thus far and has provided no public updates beyond a January 2019 interdepartmental memorandum.

Vision Zero Website

POSTPONED - August 2nd Vision Zero Mtg. for Fletcher Drive

Luis Lopez


"Hi there,

My name is Brian Oh and I am the Dept of Transportation's project manager for the city's Vision Zero Priority Corridor on Fletcher Dr. Thank you so much for the great input and comments at our meeting on July 20th. Given all the great feedback, we are postponing the planned August 2nd meeting in Elysian Valley. I will make sure to reach out once a new date and time is set. 

Brian Oh
Transportation Planning Associate II
Active Transportation Division
Los Angeles Department of Transportation

LADOT pedals new plans to advance their "road diet" agenda for Fletcher Drive

Luis Lopez

Voting board at the Fletcher Drive/Vision Zero July 19th meeting. Most attendees voted "no" on the road diet proposals and/or voted for other ideas. 

Voting board at the Fletcher Drive/Vision Zero July 19th meeting. Most attendees voted "no" on the road diet proposals and/or voted for other ideas. 

L.A.'s Department of Transportation (LADOT) presented their newest vision for Atwater's section of Fletcher Drive at their July 19th public meeting. They presented three alternative plans to improve overall safety on Fletcher Drive between San Fernando Road and the 5 Interstate Freeway. Two plans include a "road diet" or vehicular traffic lane reduction, while the 3rd includes removing all on-street parking.

All proposals include an assortment of improved crosswalks, traffic signals, and signage. The plans are: 

Alternative #1 – includes a full traffic lane reduction from the current four lanes to two. It also includes a dedicated bike lane, adding a left-turn lane, and preserving all on-street parking.

Alternative #2 - includes preserving all four traffic lanes, adding a dedicated left-turn lane and removing all on-street parking. 

Alternative #3 - includes a partial traffic lane reduction on the south side of Fletcher Drive. It would reduce traffic lanes from two lanes to one for those driving towards San Fernando Road. It will keep the existing two traffic lanes on the north side for those driving towards the 5 Interstate Freeway. This plan will also add a dedicated left-turn lane and preserve all on-street parking.

LADOT will hold a 3rd public meeting on August 2nd. 

What: Fletcher Drive "Road Diet" / Vision Zero Meeting
When: Wednesday, August 2nd, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Where: Modernica, 2805 Gilroy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Luis Lopez

Local community residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend!

L.A.'s Department of Transportation (LADOT) will hold a 2nd public meeting on July 19th about their efforts to impose a "road diet," and other safety improvements, on Fletcher Drive. (See below for meeting information).  Their safety improvement plans to-date include a "road diet" or vehicular traffic lane reduction from the current four (4) lane to a two (2) lane configuration. (Click here for more information on LADOT's current design plans)

Also, LADOT has taken new action to advance their concept for Fletcher Drive and limit community feedback. This past June 21st LADOT applied for a statutory exemption in an effort to prevent a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for their project. An EIR serves to inform government agencies and the public of a project's impact on the local community. It is also essential to adequately study the project and force mitigations and alternatives, which may reduce or avoid any significant adverse effects.

Local community stakeholders need to attend this meeting and voice support for improving safety for everyone on Fletcher Drive while preserving full vehicular access.

What: Fletcher Drive "Road Diet" / Vision Zero Meeting
When: Wednesday, July 19th 5-7pm
Where: Atwater Avenue Elementary School
3271 Silver Lake Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Parking - 2 lots on Perlita Ave.