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This page is dedicated to providing information about the City’s ongoing efforts to implement pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements and vehicular traffic lane reduction to Atwater's section of Fletcher Drive.

Call for common-sense alternative to improve safety on Fletcher Drive

Luis Lopez

Advocate City Hall today! Voice your support for a sensible design plan to improve road safety for everyone. (see below for online petition and emails/sample text)

On June 13th the City's Department of Transportation (LADOT) presented two alternative design plans to bring pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements to Fletcher Drive; between San Fernando Road and the 5 Interstate Freeway. LADOT drafted these plans without any community input, and both plans include a "road diet" or vehicular traffic lane reduction from the current four (4) lane to a two (2) lane configuration. (Click here for more information on LADOT's proposed plans).

LADOT's design plans fail to take into account that Fletcher Drive is major vehicular artery for local drivers and far-flung commuters and a vital access route to geographically isolated residential areas. Fletcher Drive also provides critical access to local businesses for consumers and workers; as well as access to and from the 5 Interstate and the California State 2 Freeways for surrounding communities.

Any traffic lane reduction for the benefit of only a daily handful of cyclists on Fletcher Drive will only exacerbate unsafe road conditions for everyone. It will increase the area's traffic congestion, limit access to local businesses and further isolate residential areas in Atwater Village and Elysian Valley. The result would be more traffic congestion, less road safety for everyone and a loss of income for small businesses.

The Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce (AVCC) calls for the LADOT to create a new and practical design plan, based on the input of bona-fide local stakeholders, to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety on Fletcher Drive. We urge LADOT and decision-makers to support a design plan that will: 1) preserve all four (4) traffic lanes, 2) maintain left-hand turns to residential streets, 3) keep some on-street parking and 4) improve existing crosswalks and traffic intersections.

Lend your voice in support of a sensible design plan to improve road safety for everyone. Advocate City Hall today to express your support for improving safety for everyone on Fletcher Drive while preserving full vehicular access.

As of July 18th, 2017 we have stopped collecting petitions. Thank you.