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Luis Lopez

Open letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilmembers Mitch O'Farrell (CD13) & Tom LaBonge (CD4)

Dear Eric, Mitch and Tom:

The Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct is an important part of Atwater’s vehicular infrastructure. It gives local drivers and far-flung commuters’ easy access to surrounding communities, the 5 Interstate Freeway and nearby businesses. Since its construction the bridge has primarily served to facilitate vehicular travel. Today, the Hyperion Bridge remains a key artery for drivers to travel from, to or thru Atwater Village.

The Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce (AVCC) reaffirms its support for design option #1. This option is the best design out of the three deliberated by the Citizens Advisory Committee. It is the only design that will preserve the 4 traffic lanes on Hyperion’s main bridge while providing for pedestrian and bicyclist safety.  

Preserving the 4 traffic lanes is of utmost importance to Atwater’s small business community. Local consumers have shown time and time again that their preferred method of travel to shop in Atwater Village is by automobile. A “road diet”, or a vehicular lane reduction, on the Hyperion Bridge would cause unnecessary traffic congestion and delays for consumer seeking to visit Atwater Village. This would force consumers to other shopping areas as they change their driving routes to avoid the added congestion.  The end result would be more traffic congestion, less road safety and a loss of income for small businesses. 

On behalf of the AVCC and Atwater’s business community we urge you to lend your steadfast support for design option #1. 


Board of Directors

Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce