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Luis Lopez

Dear Atwater Village,

In 1991 a small group of local residents and business owners started one of Atwater’s most cherished event… the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Since its inception the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce (AVCC) was proudly the leading community group organizing and paying for this yearly event. As the years passed this Atwater tradition grew and other community groups joined in the effort. Today, the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony is an event that belongs and is enjoyed by the whole community.

A lot has changed since 1991. Our “Charily Brown” red wood pine tree has grown over 80 feet tall. This has added to the overall cost to decorate and light it each year. In addition, the City no longer installs our decorations / lights for free as they did for so many years, forcing the hire of a private contractor.  The event attendance has also grown, adding the need for chairs, tables, a stage, sound system and so on.

What hasn’t changed is the need for funding and volunteers. In recent years Atwater’s Neighborhood Council (AVNC) has provided the lion’s share of funding to decorate and light our tree. We appreciate the AVNC’s funding for this event and we hope they continue to do so. On the volunteer front we continue to rely on individuals that give their time selflessly so others can enjoy this event. In addition, a core-group of volunteers that would comprise the Tree Lighting Committee is also needed to “rally-the-troops” and make sure the event is a successful one.

These past years we had Alex Ventura, Dana Schwartz and Luis Lopez (and other volunteers) to thank for keeping this wonderful event going and for last year’s incredible tree lights/decorations; the best yet. We thank them for their years of service.

The time has come for a new crop of Villagers to take the lead. As such the AVNC is organizing a new Tree Lighting Committee. We urge you to join it and even lead it if you think you have the moxie for it. Spearheading this event can be difficult and it is not without obstacles. However, the satisfaction and community pride one feels afterward is reward enough. Don’t give it a 2nd thought, join the Tree Lighting Committee and make a difference.

To join please attend the next AVNC Board Meeting:

AVNC Board Meeting

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 – 7pm

3852 Edenhurst Avenue (Christ’s Church at Griffith Park)



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Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce